I Love to Rub My Pussy

I’m having a quiet day at home today, feeling a bit under the weather and posting another post. The trouble is, when I start reading through one of my diary entries it takes me right back to when it was happening and that really turns me on. I was reading my latest entry: Losing My Panties this morning in bed for posting it and I couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties. I found out later that they guy I had met in the woods was called Alan.

He lived on his own and by all accounts was a real dirty old man. It turns out he spent hours each day trawling woodland hoping to find couples in the act. I found this out as I met him again in pretty much the same spot and he smiled and asked me if I was looking for my panties. I wasn’t, but I did like to sit in the woods reading or looking at porn and splaying my thighs while I rubbed myself off.

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Losing My Panties

I was just looking through some of these stories and noticed that they’re all masturbation based. Time to change that! This little tale involved two cream-pies and a pair of dirty panties. Let me explain. After my first tryst with Andrew, we continued to explore each other’s sexual needs and boy was it a great summer. For an older guy, he was very adventurous and liked outdoor fucking most of all. The routine went something like this, he would make an appointment where he would need a PA and take me along with him. Pretty simple huh. Nobody seemed to rumble us, so we carried on… and on… for the whole summer. It was fantastic.

Andrew used to drive me out of town a little to a small wooded area near a stream. It was very quiet with the odd dog-walker or rambler passing by, but that was it. Andrew would get a picnic blanket out of his car and we would spend a happy hour or so fucking each other in the sunshine. One time we were there, Andrew was absolutely insatiable. He had my panties down before he’d even got the picnic blanket down on the ground and he tossed them into the trees nearby as he pinned me down and shoved his cock straight into my vagina. No foreplay, he was just straight in there, smashing my pussy like it was the last piece of pussy he would ever see.

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Watching the Boss Wank

As I mentioned in my last post, the boss paid me no attention whatsoever in my first week. I thought that was that and I’d just imagined his flirtatious behaviour. On Tuesday of the second week though it became clear that Andrew had the hots for me! In my younger days I don’t mind admitting that I was a bit of a hottie and in the middle of summer I guess I was just a walking sex popsicle. I dressed to impress but not in a slutty way back then. I wore tight t-shirts with no bra as I loved watching guys checking out my tits.

As I was quite a sexual little thing despite being a virgin, I adored the attention I got strutting around with my erect nipples giving guys the horn. I looked so innocent too and looked as though I was oblivious to the storm I was creating. I paired my t-shirt with mini-skirts or teeny tight shorts and rounded off the ensemble little white ankle socks and sneakers, you could almost smell my sex!

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My Own Work Experience

It’s funny, that last story reminded me of my own work experience. It was a few years ago now of course, well, over 20 if I’m honest and I was in my prime. I think my body looks pretty good today, but back then… the funny thing is though, I didn’t really think of myself as that sexy, but when I look back at old photos or speak to an old flame, I’m reminded of just how hot I was. But that’s enough of that!

My first work experience was during the summer before I headed off to my first year at uni. I was 19 and the whole world stood in front of me and I was just eager to get out there and find out what it was all about. Anyway, my father’s friend ran a glass-making factory in town and he secured me a three-month placement. It wasn’t that great, but it was one of the biggest manufacturers and employers in my small town, so it was a bit of a prize catch really. Plus, I didn’t have to do that much and it was a short walk from home. Basically, I did some filing, learned how to transcribe, learnt some shorthand from his PA and most of the time sat around at my desk reading magazines or books.

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The Work Experience Kid

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Jo and I have had a very full and active sex life for a number of years. To be honest, I thought I would slow down a bit when I entered my forties but if truth be told, I’m hornier than ever! I still get up to all kinds of antics and love retelling and reliving my finest sexual moments. It gets me wet just thinking about some of the adventures that I have had and I thought you’d like to hear them too. I remember my exploits vividly and recall them when I want to get hot and steamy. I’ve always loved reading sexy stories and I love them even more when I’m the star of the show! I hope you like my stories. Let’s share some erotic times together and let me expose my most erotic adventures and darkest desires just for you.

I’ll begin with something that happened fairly recently and something that I still think about a lot when I settle down to rub my pussy. I’m calling this little escapade ‘Work Experience’ because it involved a little bit of naughty fun with a work experience guy who was working at my office over the summer months. I work in an estate agency… well, when I say work in, I’m actually a partner in the business. Anyway, I can tell you more about that later. So, this work experience kid was on his summer break from uni. He was helping out, filing, editing property descriptions, that sort of thing and I’m not going to lie here, he got my juices flowing the minute he walked through the door for his interview. His name was Tom, 20 years old, probably about 6’2” tall with dark wavy hair. He was tanned and clearly looked after himself. Anyway, although I’m no stranger to showing a younger guy some of my moves, I’m not so sure it should happen at work, well not with the work experience kid anyway!

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